VS 2010 and Ogre

Hello Readers!

In this article I’m going to talk about Ogre and VS 2010.

I recently downloaded the VC++ 2010 Express Edition beta 2 to try it out, however I got into some problems when compiling ogre. Those problems weren’t related to the Ogre code itself, Ogre has good code :). It were more linker issues, since I didn’t had the dependencies Ogre requires. (Freetype, Freeimage, zziplib (which requires zlib), OIS for the Examples and Ogre not-trunk uses still CEGUI). I’m using Ogre SVN Trunk for people who are wondering. Well, They all compiled very fast and good. (except CEGUI, that one took some time ;)). But I still had linker problems with Ogre, even after having the dependencies. So I started to look into those, it seemed that Ogre uses Freeimage statically and even though I compiled it for static use it didn’t work. So I recompiled Freeimage with different project settings and this time it seemed to do the trick. However, beside the Freeimage linker errors there were others too. zziplib caused a linker error too because the VS project files included with it is incomplete. Some files were missing, so I needed to manually add them to the project files and recompile zziplib. That seemed to fix those linker errors too. Ogremain finally fully compiled (Hooray!). After installing the DirectX SDK I didn’t had any issues with compiling the plugins included with Ogre. I tried running a sample included with Ogre and it ran! (Hooray!)

So, The conclusion here is that Ogre is fully supports VS2010. (Well, from 1.6.4 its fully supported. 1.6.3 didn’t include a patch reported here: Ogre tracker ticket)

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Created an Ogre SDK for VS2010, including CEGUI 0.7.1 + CEGUIOgreRenderer. Please note that this still use precomp. CG and DX SDK. So some dll’s might still require the VS2008 runtime.

Link: http://klaimsden.net/codehelp/OgreSDK-VS2010.rar (Thanks goes to klaim for hosting)