VS 2010 and Ogre

Hello Readers!

In this article I’m going to talk about Ogre and VS 2010.

I recently downloaded the VC++ 2010 Express Edition beta 2 to try it out, however I got into some problems when compiling ogre. Those problems weren’t related to the Ogre code itself, Ogre has good code :). It were more linker issues, since I didn’t had the dependencies Ogre requires. (Freetype, Freeimage, zziplib (which requires zlib), OIS for the Examples and Ogre not-trunk uses still CEGUI). I’m using Ogre SVN Trunk for people who are wondering. Well, They all compiled very fast and good. (except CEGUI, that one took some time ;)). But I still had linker problems with Ogre, even after having the dependencies. So I started to look into those, it seemed that Ogre uses Freeimage statically and even though I compiled it for static use it didn’t work. So I recompiled Freeimage with different project settings and this time it seemed to do the trick. However, beside the Freeimage linker errors there were others too. zziplib caused a linker error too because the VS project files included with it is incomplete. Some files were missing, so I needed to manually add them to the project files and recompile zziplib. That seemed to fix those linker errors too. Ogremain finally fully compiled (Hooray!). After installing the DirectX SDK I didn’t had any issues with compiling the plugins included with Ogre. I tried running a sample included with Ogre and it ran! (Hooray!)

So, The conclusion here is that Ogre is fully supports VS2010. (Well, from 1.6.4 its fully supported. 1.6.3 didn’t include a patch reported here: Ogre tracker ticket)

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Created an Ogre SDK for VS2010, including CEGUI 0.7.1 + CEGUIOgreRenderer. Please note that this still use precomp. CG and DX SDK. So some dll’s might still require the VS2008 runtime.

Link: http://klaimsden.net/codehelp/OgreSDK-VS2010.rar (Thanks goes to klaim for hosting)


2 Responses

  1. Coolio. I’ve tried VS2010 beta2 but i ran into some trouble with the new toolkit version 100, prev 90. Got some compiler errors in the STL, but 90 worked. But it totally diched v10 because of the relative path bug which made it impossible to work easily with a larger group of people using team foundation.

    The bug takes the absolute path AND the relative path so in the end it all becomes C:\Projects\Test\..\..\..\..\test.exe

    or something like that.

    I’m looking forward to the release and hopefully the community will adapt the new tool. Especially the core ogre team who still use vs2005!! 😀

  2. Wow, the core team still uses vs2005? anyway, you could try to look into your Generals project settings, in VS10 they added a property which they use with another property to generate output path, but when upgrading from VS2008 these property’s aren’t filled in correctly for some reason. I always get warnings, but never gotten that it was at a really weird location (like C:\Projects\Test\..\..\..\..\test.exe)

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