Hello readers!

Long time no posting basically because I didn’t have anything to post!

But, lately I’ve been looking into the Google Android platform to see if it would be possible to port Ogre over.

I soon found out this wasn’t possible since the C++ runtime of android doesn’t support exceptions or RTTI. (exceptions are dependant on RTTI anyway).

So I started to look into how it could be possible, I found out that you could port over newlib as libc (instead of using the android libc) and use the regular libstdc++ then. First you need to compile the compiler so that it could even compile exceptions. So I did that (gcc 4.4.2 compiled as target = arm-none-eabi) and then I started porting over newlib. Since libc from android already defines the syscalls it wasn’t very hard, and with newlib compiled I could compile libstdc++! So I now have a fully featured android compiler with exceptions and RTTI! The only problem is that androids build system is kinda weird, so I’ll have to try to adapt my compiled toolchain to their system so that I can compile android applications to test it out. (I have no idea if its even working at this moment).

If anyone has some suggestions why this can or can’t work, or how to make it adapt to the android build system then please leave a comment. 🙂

Thats all for now,



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