The Solution!

Hello Readers!

I’m working on a small TechDemo to show-off what I can in programming for internship purposes.

The TechDemo will use Ogre for rendering, but at an abstract way.

I made a class called EngineGraphicsLayer, which defines some virtual functions including DrawMesh, DrawTexture, CreateMesh and CreateTexture.

I then made a few abstract classes called EngineGraphicsMesh and EngineGraphicsTexture, which are implemented with render specific data too.

So for Ogre I’ve created a OgreGraphicsLayer, OgreGraphicsMesh and OgreGraphicsTexture which all three call their Ogre functions, but this makes it possible to just remove Ogre from the demo and use OpenGL or DirectX. The formats used aren’t ogre specific too, hence I created my own formats called pxa and px.

The pxa is the text version of the px format, which both can contain anything from maps to meshes. (its more an extendable format designed for the demo).

So now, I can just remove Ogre later on and switch to OpenGL/DirectX without the need to change anything else then the GraphicsLayer!

That was it for now,



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