Android’s NDK

Hello Readers!

Lately I’ve been in the process of porting Ogre over to android. This is quite hard since Ogre uses exceptions, RTTI and STL stuff which android’s NDK doesn’t support.
Then we stumbled across this link:

The guy there, “Crystax”, made his own version of the ndk, using the official ndk, which supports RTTI, exceptions and STL. (Woohoo!).
So OgreMain got ported over with ease (I only had to ditch CMake for now and create a custom android makefile, it seems Assaf Raman on the Ogre forum created a Symbian CMake generator, so maybe this create’s a posibility to create a Android CMake generator) but the next problem was the GLES1 RenderSystem. I still haven’t ported this one over since it uses EGL which android only exposes to the java part for now. Maybe some reader here can give me an alternative for native code that works on android? I was thinking about using dlopen and dlsym to get the EGL functions from the active EGL library on the system, but this doesn’t seem to work either. (Haven’t fully tested it yet, so maybe it does work correctly).

If someone could give me some tips etc. on how to get this going, please let me know!



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  1. The latest 2.3 Android SDK exposes OpenGL ES to native code, and the latest r5 NDK supports exceptions and STLPort.

    Should be easy enough to get Ogre working on an Android 2.3 device!

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