Platform game update

Hello Readers,

Long time no update, so I thought I better show something 🙂
So, here is a youtube vid showing the basic features of the game under networking:

Basically, it has alot of stuff you don’t see:
* Spawnpoints
* Respawn
* Kills
* Maintains kills
* Custom maps
* Custom textures
* Custom soundfiles
* Custom gamemodes

This is the map file the vid. uses:

As you can see, the map file defines the textures to use…its not hardcoded into the game.
Also, the gamemodes are scriptable through the embedded scripting language angelscript.
The server will take care of the installation of the missing files at the client, for example it would send textures, sound files, script files etc. to the client to make it work with the current map.
To define a new gamemode you have to create a client-side and server-side script file, here is an example of the server-side script file:
I won’t show the client-side script yet, its not quite done and needs ALOT of changes to work correctly.

So, that was it for now,