Terrain Update


Worked alot on improving overall terrain quality, and adjusting the system to correctly use GeoMipMapping.
I think it worked out quite well, but I let you decide:

Small blog post this time, btw: 1000 hits today!




Hello Readers,

Lately I have been looking into OpenGL alot and I have to say I really like it compared to DirectX.
Also I’m working on a 3rd person outdoor shooting game in OpenGL, here are some pics of the LOD Terrain System:
Terrain Non-wireframe
and top-down wireframe:
Terrain Wireframe

You can clearly see that the detail decreases as you get further away from the camera. This makes it run good on all systems I tried on (except my laptop).

So, some benchmarks:
My desktop (ATI Radeon HD4670): 300 fps
Friends Laptop (NVIDIA Gefore 7300 GO): 100 fps
My Laptop (Intel GMA 4 series express chipset): 0.1 fps

So, I’m probably not going to support intel 😛

Anyway, thats it for today
Thanks for reading,